Sittner Cattle Oiler from Sittner Manufacturing
Can you afford not to control
your herd's insect problems?

The Sittner Cattle Oiler has been field tested and proven by over 25,000 satisfied customers. Let us show you how the Sittner Cattle Oiler can help you and your herd.

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A good reason to buy the Sittner Cattle Oiler is because with other oilers, sprays only last until the cows get under the irrigation sprinklers, and then it all rinses off. It is just too time consuming and expensive to get the cattle in and sprayed again, only to have the insecticide wear off so quickly. Also, ear tags don't last long enough, and you don't get the control you want using dust bags either. Using the Sittner Oiler, the cattle apply insecticide every time they rub, and they LIKE to rub on these oilers because it feels good.


You can use commercial insecticides or essences of natural insect repellent, and they are also great for applying organic insecticides. What makes the Sittner Cattle Oiler worth your time to look at is its ruggedness. They are BULL TOUGH! The Sittner Oiler will last a lifetime, and the only thing that ever needs to be replaced is the emitters, and even those might take years to wear out.


If you would like to know more about the Sittner Cattle Oiler, or if you need parts for your existing equipment, please contact us!


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