Sittner Cattle Oiler from Sittner Manufacturing
Can you afford not to control
your herd's insect problems?

The Sittner Cattle Oiler has been field tested and proven by over 25,000 satisfied customers. Let us show you how the Sittner Cattle Oiler can help you and your herd.

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Contact Mike Countryman
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Complete Unit $1,100.00

Replacement Face Drapes: $29.00

Replacement Emitters: $4.00


Introducing the Sittner Oiler emitters: Made from black nylon for even more durability, and they now contain UV light inhibitor!


Sittner Cattle Oiler Emitters -- Only $4.00 for replacement emitters! Sittner Manufacturing Cattler Oiler Replacement Emitters


Under normal circumstances, you will never need to replace the main unit. Even the emitters can last for several years, but if you need replacement emitters, just give us a call!